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Devoted and generous people and businesses

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Once again, the MIFO family is coming together to build a strong and proud community. All together - children, students, participants, members, volunteers, employees, colleagues, neighbors and partners - we form this great family.

With this important project, we will have the space to welcome and gather people who want to flourish in French. In the new MIFO, Francophones and Francophiles of all ages will have space to create memories, meet, exchange and grow.

Desjardins - $250,000

This is Normand Leroux, Executive Director of the Caisse populaire Trillium. He reveals that Desjardins and MIFO share many values: family, community involvement, solidarity. We know that by working together, we will be able to offer our growing community bold spaces that meet its needs.

Thank you to Desjardins for its donation.

Fasken - $50,000

Sébastien Lorquet, partner at Fasken and the campaign's chair, shares his attachment to the MIFO: "It has been a big part of my life. I grew up with it and it helped me forge my Francophone identity. I have so many memories accumulated over the years, especially within the walls of our Cultural Centre. It is now time to build a 'New MIFO' in our image: innovative, dynamic, creative, ecological, accessible, multigenerational, multicultural, and last but not least, 'Franco-proud'."

Thank you to Fasken for its donation.

Sébastien Lorquet, président de la campagne majeure de financement du MIFO
Sébastien Lorquet, président de la campagne majeure de financement du MIFO
Marcil Lavallée - $50,000

Valérie Marcil, Marc Brazeau and Luc Labbé, partners at Marcil Lavallée, all agree: MIFO is an important institution for the community and makes Franco-Ontarian culture vibrate. They commit themselves to make our Francophonie strong and live in a unique place like the new MIFO.

Thank you Marcil Lavallée for its donation.

Sicotte Guilbault - $50,000

For Sicotte Guilbault, employer of Francophones and Francophiles in Orléans, the MIFO is an important gathering place. Michel Sicotte (founding partner) and his team recognize that the construction of our new centre will allow the community to thrive and will provide it with an essential space for its growth.

Thank you to Sicotte Guilbault for its donation.

Michel Sicotte, associé-gestionnaire chez Sicotte Guilbault
Michel Sicotte, associé-gestionnaire chez Sicotte Guilbault
Devoted and generous people
Honorary Committee

Raymond Benoît*
Pierrette Boisvert
Florian Couture*
Monique DesLauriers*
Jean-Guy Doyon*
Rolande Faucher
Nicole Fortier*
Normand Leroux
Louis Patry
Réjean Sirois
Pierrette Thibaudeau*
Sylvie C.R. Tremblay *MIFO Founders

Campaign Cabinet

Sébastien Lorquet, Campaing Chair
Marc Brazeau
Pierre Benoît
Christian Coulombe
Sébastien Dignard
Edith Gibeault
Benoît Hubert
Trèva Cousineau, MIFO Board Chair
Guillaume Blais, MIFO Vice-Board Chair
Marie-Claude Doucet, MIFO Executive Director
Joëlle Drouin, MIFO Communication Director

MIFO's Board of Directors

Trèva Cousineau, présidente
Guillaume Blais, vice-président
Yannick Charette, trésorier
Josée Séguin, Secretary
Luc Bessette
Jean-François Born
Nicole Kikcio
Danielle Vinette

Many thanks to all the donors!

Lead Gifts ($250,000 and above)

  • Desjardins

Lead Gifts ($100,000 to $249,999)

  • Normand Roch Lapointe

Major Gifts ($50,000 to $99,999)

  • Fasken
  • Marcil Lavallée
  • Sicotte Guilbault

Major Gifts ($25,000 to 49,999$)

  • Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est
  • Conseil des écoles publiques de l'Est de l'Ontario
  • Wired Synergy

Special Gifts ($5,000 to $24,999)

  • Association des enseignants et des enseignantes franco-ontariens (AEFO)
  • Conseiller Stephen Blais
  • Marc Brazeau
  • Croisières Outaouais / Ottawa Boat Cruise
  • Marie-Claude Doucet et Mario Parisien
  • Nicole Fortier et Mike Nakashoji
  • Famille Gibeault : Claudette, Marcel, Edith, Mathieu, Marie-France
  • Sylvie-Anne Groulx et Sébastien Dignard
  • Logan Katz
  • Sébastien, Karina, Mélodie et Maxime Lorquet
  • Louis Patry et Nicole Patry
  • PGF Consultants
  • Perley-Robertson, Hill McDougall
  • Prebbel
  • Denis Roy

General Gifts ($500 to $4,999)

  • Automark Ottawa
  • Raymond Benoît
  • Luc Bessette
  • Guillaume Blais
  • Pierrette Boisvert
  • Boston Pizza Orléans
  • Ronald Caza
  • Denis Chartrand
  • Christian Coulombe
  • Jean-Guy Doyon
  • Rachel Duchesne
  • Normand et Françoise Fortier
  • Joëlle Drouin et Stéphane Galipeau
  • Olivier Gauthier
  • Famille Levert
  • Myers Orléans
  • Carolle Séguin et David Edmunds
  • Danielle Vinette

Unspecified gifts

  • Agence de recouvrement Unik
  • Jean-François Born
  • Trèva & André Cousineau
  • Florian Couture
  • Monique DesLauriers
  • Orléans Gardens Dental - Dr. Marenco & Dr. Nguyen
  • Francine Saumure
  • Josée Séguin
  • Anne Sheppard et André Claude
  • Manon St-Denis Brunet et Michel Brunet
  • Michelle & Bertrand Thériault
  • Pierrette Thibaudeau
  • Denis Vaillancourt
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Donation Information

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I understand that the MIFO project will only move forward on the full confirmation of public funding. In the event the project does not go ahead due to lack of public funding, we understand that MIFO will contact us to offer other MIFO initiatives to which our donation may be redirected. If we wish to obtain a full refund, our choice will be respected. I also understand that in the latter case, if a receipt for tax purposes has already been issued, the MIFO will be required to report the refund to the Canada Revenue Agency and that the consultation of a professional in that field is recommended.

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